• Columbus was founded at the end of 2004 as an investment banking firm by former senior officers responsible for Citigroup’s Investment Banking business in Argentina and Uruguay. This team has structured sophisticated financial products and deals focusing in Emerging Markets.
  • Extensive international “on-the-field” work experience (USA, Europe and Mercosur) in the investment banking Industry: over 350 deals for over US$ 40 billion.

  • Columbus partners have worked together for over two decades and have developed a strong “deal-making” track record in local and cross border M&A, Equity (Public & Private), Fixed Income, Syndicated Debt, Restructurings, Project Finance and Privatizations.
  • Columbus Team has successfully undergone all macro environments and capitalized from all these experiences.
  • More than 50 investment banking deals generated in the last few years with clients such as Village Cinemas, Procter & Gamble, Noble Grain, IVAX Pharmaceuticals, Macri Group, AES, ING, Telecom, Brasil Foods, Pampa Energía, Iplan Telecomunicaciones and Grupo de Narvaez, among others.



Columbus Merchant Banking acted as Financial Advisor to the shareholders of Novecento, in the sale of their operations in USA and the Caribbean


Columbus Merchant Banking acted as M&A Financial Advisor to Pepsico in the sale of Dilexis S.A.



Columbus has participated actively in the local and regional market since inception


  • 2004

    First regional deal with an international company, Noble Grain First pitch in partnership with Rothschild for restructuring the province of Buenos Aires.

  • 2005

    Ranked among the Top 5 advisors in Argentina by Thomson Financial.

    Closed deals with top-tier companies such as Procter & Gamble and Village Cinemas.

  • 2006

    Columbus was recognized as a Lead Top Player in Argentina by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

  • 2007

    Joined Global M&A. Closed several deals in M&A, Occupied the second position (#2) in Thomson Financial M&A rankings.

  • 2008

    Despite subprime crisis, Columbus continued to be very active in M&A. Closed one of the principal transactions of private placement of the year in the agricultural segment, with a top tier international player (US$ 100 MM).

  • 2009

    Ranked fourth (#4) in cumulative league tables for the past three years, overcoming top tier international financial institutions.
    Closed several regional M&A deals and debt restructuring process with companies such as Fiplasto, Herix and Village Cinemas.

  • 2010

    Closed M&A of Leader Price Argentina under the scope of Groupe-Casino’s divestiture plan, as well as financings for Palmero and Grupo Dashalmix.

  • 2011

    Advised Pegasus on the sale of Musimundo and Nexus Partners on the sale of EKI.
    Led the funding of Pluna 1 Trust, the first future flows securitization in Argentina in the last 5 years.

  • 2012

    Advised companies like Rapsodia and El Tejar in their regional business plans.
    Closed capital markets financing for Emgasud (Ar$ 90 MM)

  • 2013/4

    Columbus continues to be one of the most active investment banks, leading the local market, also closed a financing for Cardón (Ar$ 20 MM), advised BASE (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange) and Petroleos Sudamericanos in a loan of US$ 60 MM for three oil blocks in Colombia and the sale of Recoleta Mall in 2014

  • 2016

    Columbus has provided a fairness opinion from an economic and financial perspective on
    the fairness of the price offered by Fintech Telecom under the Mandatory Public Offering
    of Acquisition of Shares of Telecom Argentina S.A.

Landmark Expertise


    • TGS

      “Deal of the year”. Private debt restructuring: Transportadora de Gas del Sur (2004). Argentina

    • Uruguay

      “Deal of the year” Latin American sovereign debt restructuring: Republic of Uruguay (2003). Uruguay

    • Autopistas del Sol

      First “APE” and “debt to equity” restructuring: Autopistas del Sol (2003). Argentina

    • Siderar

      Corporate Debt Restructuring of Siderar for US$530 MM (2003). Argentina

    • Perez Companc

      Corporate Debt Restructuring of Perez Companc (2002). Argentina

    • Argentina

      20-year Sovereign Bond:
      The Republic of Argentina, 20 year maturity (2000). Argentina

    • Conrad

      Largest corporate bond issue: Baluma (Conrad Resort) (1999). Uruguay

    • Tía

      Biggest M&A in retail sector:
      TIA (1999). Argentina

    • Aerolineas Argentinas

      First credit card securitization: Aerocard (1997-1998). Argentina

    • Havanna

      Record M&A sell side:
      Havanna (1997). Argentina

    • Pluspetrol

      First corporate bond (ON): Pluspetrol (1989). Argentina

    • Lumbrera

      Bajo de la Lumbrera Project: Major Project Finance – US$$ 670 MM (1997). Argentina

    • IEBA

      First Mercosur project bond: IEBA (1997). Argentina

    • Mandeville

      First private equity acquisition finance: Mandeville – Hicks Muse Tate & Furst (1995). Argentina

    • Piedra del Águila

      First corporate issue post-Tequila: Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Águila (1995). Argentina

    • Edelap

      First FRN: Edelap (1994). Argentina

    • Trinity Trust

      First Latam consumer securitization: Trinity Trust (1993). Argentina

    • Grimoldi

      IPO: Grimoldi (1992). Argentina

    • Telefónica

      First global IPO:
      Telefónica de Argentina (1991). Argentina

    • Banco Rio

      First Euro CD:
      Banco Rio NY Agency (1991). Argentina

    • Bunge

      First commercial paper: Bunge (1991). Argentina

Note(*): Deals done by our team of professionals before joining Columbus Merchant Banking.

Distinctive Skills


  • Commitment: From the beginning the partners of Columbus are completely involved in the transaction, personally taking care of the clients’ necessities through the process.
  • Excellence: Superior execution capabilities by Partners under international standards.
  • Independence: Unbiased and unconflicted investment banking services.
  • Experience: Our Partners average more than 20 years in the investment banking industry, developed in leading global financial institutions at major financial markets.
  • Industry Knowledge: Columbus has thorough knowledge, relationships and experience in almost any industry. However, we are not industry specialists, we are deal specialists!
  • Global Coverage: Our presence in Argentina and Uruguay and partnership with Global M&A enhances our regional and international coverage and facilitates the maximization of business opportunities.
  • Reach: Superior access to a wide variety and type of investors in different markets.
  • Long-term Thinking: Columbus privileges developing long-term relationships with clients, delivering superior advisory services in any type of transaction and marketplace.
  • Teamwork: Is the most valuable asset of Columbus. The partners have a successful team work experience of more than 20 years and have lead transactions in every type of macroeconomic scenarios.

Why Columbus


A deal cannot afford the cost of not having the right advisor…




Columbus Teamwork.

Columbus Exclusive dedication by Partners.

Columbus Deal execution by top tier professionals.

Columbus Proven experience in closing deals under different market scenarios.

Columbus Unbiased and unconflicted investment banking services.

Columbus Efficiency and flexibility.

Columbus Regional and global coverage.



Columbus Execution by generalists – Seniors at mandate & closing only!

Columbus Huge deal teams with marginal dedication.

Columbus Lack of flexibility.

Columbus Evident conflicts of interest.

Columbus Best resources only dedicated to seven-digit deals.

Columbus Transaction focus lost among a wide array of corporate interests.

International Alliances


  • Columbus is a member of Oaklins.                                                                           
  • Oaklins is the world’s most active association of boutique investment banks.


  • It represents the best of two worlds: a personalized investment banking service developed by experienced professionals combined with an international capacity of investment banking.


  • Oaklins focuses primarily on medium-sized transactions, valued at up to € 250 million, with each of its partners being carefully selected as the best possible in its area of influence.


  • By becoming part of Oaklins, Columbus enhanced its global coverage, origination and execution capacity.